Being charged with a motoring offence can feel like a living nightmare. You could be worried about unjustified penalty points, a possible driving ban, or even a prison sentence. When your whole life might be on the line it can be hard to see a way out. That’s why we’re here.

The award winning, specialist motoring law solicitors at Ashworth Motoring Law are recognised experts in defending motoring offences;  Motoring law is all we do. We’re here to keep you on the road and make this process as stress-free as possible for you. Specialist representation by the expert motoring lawyers at Ashworth Motoring law means that you can rest easy in the knowledge that your case is being handled by professionals who care deeply about your case and will support you every step of the way.

Wherever you are in England or Wales, our expert motoring law solicitors are on hand 24/7 to fight your corner, and know that no matter how bleak your situation may appear right now; almost every motor prosecution can be successfully defended.

Our Expert Motoring Law Solicitors continue to secure Outstanding Results every time

Our expert motoring law solicitors achieve phenomenal success rates which are second to none.  We have exceptional success rates in all offence categories including drink and drug driving cases involving the analysis of blood or urinewhich means that almost every client of ours who has ever pleaded not guilty has been found not guilty. We know that when you speak to one of our specialist driving offence solicitors, you’ll recognise that you have found true experts in motoring law at a firm where excellence comes as standard and a desire to exceed your expectations drives everything we do.

Nationally recognised expertise in Motoring Law

As nationally regarded experts in Motoring Law, our specialist driving offence solicitors regularly feature in the national and local press in publications such as the The Times, The Guardian, on radio stations such as BBC 5 live, LBC and appear on TV when commenting on various motoring laws and cases. We also write regular content for a number of big online motoring publications to keep the nation’s drivers up to date on issues which could affect their driving licence.

Specialist representation for your motoring offence

Our Expert Motoring law Solicitors have extensive expertise in defending all motoring offences, with particular expertise in the following areas:

Feel free to gather information about your offence on our motoring offence specific information pages, or simply pick up the phone and dial 0330 33 22 770 to discuss your situation with one of our expert motoring lawyers. 


Specialist defences to all driving offences

At Ashworth Motoring Law, our specialist knowledge of this niche area of law enables us to identify defences, spot easily when procedures have not been followed and establish whether or not the prosecution evidence is reliable; all of which can result in you being found not guilty of your motoring offence. Our specialist motoring law solicitors continue to be at the forefront of innovating unique and successful driving defences which many other firms remain unaware of to this day. We look forward to applying those defences to your case.

Free no obligation discussion to work out if you have a case

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If you are facing prosecution for a motoring offence, and would like to discuss your case in confidence with one of our expert motoring lawyers, feel free to call our confidential motoring law helpline on 0330 33 22 770 or email When you call our helpline, you will be connected directly to one of our specialist motoring law solicitors who can discuss your situation and will most likely identify a solution to your problem within minutes.  Lines are open round the clock, seven days a week, so get in touch whenever’s best for you. We’re always happy to hear from you and take pleasure in knowing that our specialist advice and representation could be instrumental in saving your driving licence.  

Our aim

Our aim at Ashworth Motoring Law is to save your driving licence and keep you on the road whilst taking the pressure and stress of dealing with your motor prosecution away from you.  We believe that no driver should be convicted of an offence where there are valid defences available, whether those defences are factual, technical (“loopholes”), or due to an abuse of process.

“I am always surprised by the level of injustice that I witness day in day out where cases are brought before the Court despite serious procedural irregularities and issues concerning the reliability of the evidence that the prosecution attempt to rely on. We are here to identify these issues and ensure that no motorist is convicted of an offence which they did not commit, or where the evidence is so poor, either in itself or the way that it has been obtained that it should not be relied on”.  Managing Director and Award Winning Expert Motoring Lawyer; Alison Ashworth

At Ashworth Motoring Law, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals in the most effective and efficient way possible, and have developed a reputation for excellence by consistently exceeding all expectations and providing the highest possible standard of legal service.