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Are you looking for a dangerous driving solicitor? Being Prosecuted for dangerous driving can be extremely frightening and confusing. As a result, your whole life could hang in the balance.

The scary thing is that anyone can be convicted of dangerous driving. Few people go out intending to commit a serious criminal offence. The potential consequences of a conviction for dangerous driving could see you behind bars for a considerable period of time.

We can help

That’s where we can help. Our expert motoring lawyers are specialists in dangerous driving. We will support and guide you through this process, leading you to the best possible result. With our expert dangerous driving solicitors on hand, you could still walk out of this with your licence intact. 

Whether you choose to plead guilty or not guilty, our expert dangerous driving solicitors will be fighting your corner. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your fate is in the right hands.

Evidence in Dangerous Driving cases

In order to prosecute you for dangerous driving the police must have evidence of the following:

  • Your driving fell far below the standard expected of a competent driver; and
  • It would be obvious to a competent driver that the manner of your driving would be dangerous.

If the Prosecution evidence remains unchallenged, and you’re convicted of dangerous driving, then you would face a mandatory disqualification of at least 12 months. Consequently, you would have to take an extended re-test once you eventually get back on the roads. In addition, this offence could go to Crown Court. Therefore, even more concerning, is that you could face a very real possibility of a prison sentence of up to 2 years.


How our Specialist Dangerous Driving Solicitors can help you:

Firstly, given the potentially disastrous consequences of a dangerous driving conviction, you should get in touch at the earliest opportunity. We can begin gathering evidence to support your defence, or to start preparing mitigation to secure your best possible outcome. Either way our fundamental aim is the same – keeping you out of prison and if possible, keeping you on the road.

In some cases, it’s possible to secure you an alternative finding of careless driving for which the potential penalties are far less severe. If the charge were reduced to careless driving then you could walk out of Court with merely points on your driving licence rather than an automatic driving ban and possible prison sentence.

Alternatively, you may wish to fight this allegation all the way to secure a NOT GUILTY verdict and clear your name.

Knowing that you are innocent and proving it are sadly sometimes two very difficult things. We know how frustrating this can be. That’s why our specialist dangerous driving solicitors are on hand to investigate the details of the offence against you. We search to find holes in the Prosecution’s evidence and build a strong case to prove your innocence. We are extremely passionate in our belief that you should not be convicted of an offence which you did not commit.

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If you would like to discuss your options with a specialist dangerous driving solicitor, call our Dangerous Driving Helpline on 0330 33 22 770 for free initial advice.

By calling our helpline, you will speak directly with an expert dangerous driving solicitor who will listen to the details of your case. They will advise you on the law and inform you of the options that are available to you.

Pleading guilty to a Dangerous Driving Offence? Damage limitation

If you accept that your driving was dangerous, then having the right representation could mean the difference between a prison sentence or not. Preparing a dangerous driving case for a guilty plea is a serious undertaking. Moreover, it’s important to choose a specialist who knows the relevant laws, and their application to your case as we do.

Without doubt, our experience and expertise in this area enables us to build the strongest cases in mitigation which we present to the Court.  In addition, we guide you through the process from start to finish and are here to discuss your concerns at all times. We conduct a detailed analysis of your circumstances and advise on evidence which will support your case. Most importantly, we support you and fight your corner every step of the way. The consequences of a sentence for dangerous driving can be extremely severe. Therefore, it’s vital that you speak to a solicitor who specialises in dangerous driving as soon as possible for extensive mitigation work to begin.

Outstanding Results!

Our specialist dangerous driving solicitors continue to secure truly outstanding results in dangerous driving cases for guilty pleas with mitigation. We are proud to say that due to the high level of attention to detail and care that we put into our case preparation, not one single previous client of ours has been sent to prison for this offence.

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If you’re considering pleading guilty and would like to know more about how our guilty plea and mitigation service could give you peace of mind, then visit our dedicated guilty plea page, or call one of specialist solicitors on 0330 33 22 770. Lines are open round the clock, seven days a week, so get in touch whenever’s best for you.

Magistrates’ Sentencing Guidelines for the offence of Dangerous Driving

The Sentencing Guidelines which the Courts use for Dangerous driving can be found here:

Magistrates’ Sentencing Guidelines for Dangerous Driving

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