Stay safe this St. Patrick’s Day

Today is St. Patrick’s Day; a day when people around the world celebrate all things Irish, with 13 million pints of Guinness consumed worldwide on this single booze-fuelled day.

For many, this will involve drinking lots of alcohol, dancing the night away, crashing out back home and waking up with a sore head in the morning.

However for the few, this night will end in a police cell, facing a charge for drink driving after a lapse of judgement from a mind that’s been clouded by the effects of alcohol.

Don’t be one of the few.

Take steps in advance to ensure your night ends safely and lawfully.

Appoint a designated driver, take a taxi or consider your public transport options in advance.

Also, make sure to leave plenty of time before driving again tomorrow morning.  It takes a lot longer than you think for alcohol to pass through your body, at an average rate of one unit of alcohol per hour.  This is sobering news when you consider that a single pint of Guinness contains 2.3 units.

There are ‘morning after’ calculators which can help you determine when the alcohol should have left your system, but use them with caution and only drive if you are certain you are fit to do so.

Stay safe and legal this St. Patrick’s Day by pre-planning before and remaining cautious after drinking.

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