Contesting Blood and Urine Samples – drink and drug driving

If you provided a specimen of blood or urine in relation to a possible drink or drug driving offence at either the police station or hospital, then you have found the right legal experts to conduct your defence. We have unrivalled expertise in defending drink and drug driving offences involving the analysis of blood and urine. Managing Director and expert motoring law solicitor, Alison Ashworth has a 100% success rate for defending drink and drug driving cases involving the analysis of blood or urine.

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Why are so many people acquitted of drink and drug driving offences?

If you provided a blood or urine specimen in relation to either a drink driving or drug driving offence, then in addition to a number of defences which apply equally to all forms of evidential specimens, a huge number of additional defences are likely to apply in your case.

The procedure and processes which must be followed when a blood or urine specimen is provided are far more onerous than when a breath sample alone is provided.

Through our many years of successfully representing drivers who are accused of drink and drug driving offences, we know that a huge number of mistakes are made throughout the process; from the officers who conduct flawed procedure, the medical professionals who take the specimen incorrectly, the people who handle the specimen from donation to its delivery at the laboratory and even within the analytical laboratory itself. Many acquittals are also secured on the basis of fundamental failings by the Crown Prosecution Service. Our expertise in this area enables us to quickly identify defects in the Prosecution’s case and build strong defences that are known to only the most specialised of motoring law experts.

The Criminal Justice System is built on procedures which are supposed to uphold fairness to all. Unfortunately, in too many cases, these procedures are bent and broken to such a point where a fair trial becomes impossible. It is vital that you chose a specialist who can identify whether your chance at a fair trial has been compromised by fundamental errors throughout the investigation and prosecution of your offence.

When to contact a specialist motoring law solicitor

It is vital that you contact us immediately after your arrest.  Crucial evidence needs to be secured at this early stage and acquittals often result from the details we obtain whilst the events are still fresh in your memory. Further evidence must also be obtained from the police before it is destroyed as is sadly the case in many prosecutions where there is a delay between a person being arrested and charged.

Although we understand that this must be an extremely distressing time for you, we know that after contacting one of our specialist drink and drug driving solicitors, your present situation will not seem as hopeless as it once did. We can put in place a plan to ensure that you have the best possible chance of defending the serious allegations against you and will fight endlessly to clear your name.

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Client review of Ashworth Motoring Law  following not guilty verdict for drug driving.