New Drivers – How to avoid licence revocation by the DVLA:

If you passed your driving test within the last two years, then committing any driving offence could have serious consequences on your right to drive. Too many penalty points on your driving licence could mean that your driving licence is revoked by the DVLA under the Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995. Fortunately, at Ashworth Motoring Law, our specialist new driver solicitors are experts in keeping new drivers on the road. We know that mistakes can happen, that’s why we’re here to support, advise and represent you, and ensure that you enjoy many long and happy years on the road.  If you are a new driver and would like to discuss the ways that we could stop your driving licence from being revoked, call our free motoring law helpline on 0330 33 22 770 any time, day or night, to speak to one of our expert motoring lawyers who specialize in avoiding licence revocation for some free legal advice.

The consequences of accruing 6 penalty points on your driving licence in the first 2 years of driving

If as a new driver you accrue 6 penalty points on your driving licence within the first 2 years of passing your test, then you face your driving licence being revoked under the New Driver Act by the DVLA. If this happens then you will not be allowed to drive unsupervised until you re-apply for your provisional licence and pass your theory and practical tests again.

What motoring offences put you at risk of your driving licence being revoked by the DVLA?

Combination of motoring offences:

Committing two separate motoring offences within a 2 year period (such as using a mobile telephone whilst driving, or low level speeding) where the fixed penalties add up to 6 points will lead to the revocation of your driving licence by the DVLA if you do not take action now.

Single motoring offences:

Committing one single motoring offence could lead to the immediate revocation of your licence by the DVLA if you do not take action now. These offences include:

How our specialist new driver solicitors can help you avoid licence revocation by the DVLA

Neither the DVLA nor the police have any discretion over the revocation of your driving licence. Therefore if you are a new driver, and you are facing the 6 penalty point threshold, you will need to plead the case in Court.  That’s where we can help.

At Ashworth Motoring Law our specialist driving offence solicitors are experts in keeping new drivers on the road and preventing the revocation of your licence by the DVLA.

If you accept that you’re guilty then significant mitigation (information and circumstances to reduce the severity of the offence and its consequences) must be identified, prepared and presented to the Court. It is vitally important that a compelling case is created.

When preparing mitigation, our specialist driving offence solicitors will ask you about the offence(s), your circumstances and what you use your driving licence for. The standard for avoiding licence revocation is set relatively high, that’s why we leave no stone unturned when preparing your case.

We will advise you on any necessary evidence to support our application and will not rest until your case is as strong as it can possibly be to avoid your licence being revoked by the DVLA under the New Driver Act.

One of our specialist motoring law solicitors or barristers will then present your case to the Court on your behalf. You would need to do nothing more than confirm your name and enter your plea of guilty or not guilty. 

Our New Driver Act experts use proven techniques and strategies to seek alternative sentences which prevent the crucial 6 penalty point threshold from being reached.

These strategies include:

  • Persuading the Court to impose fewer penalty points than they would have otherwise done (in offences where the sentencing powers of the Magistrates are wider reaching); and
  • Asking the Court to impose a short term driving ban instead of giving penalty points. In most cases, the length of the short term ban need not be any longer than 7- 21 days.

In either case, you would not need to go through the expense and hassle of re-applying for your provisional licence and taking your driving tests again.

Our methods of avoiding licence revocation have proved extremely successful and have saved the driving licences of countless new drivers. Drivers who may have otherwise needed to quit their job or their studies as travel without a car would have been impossible.

Preventing the revocation of your licence by the DVLA is no easy feat and requires a great deal of legal knowledge and tact. So whenever you’re ready, contact one of our expert motoring law solicitors on 0330 33 22 770 so that we can begin the essential legal work required to save your licence.

Having specialist representation by Ashworth Motoring Law means that you can rest easy in the knowledge that your case is being handled by professionals who truly care about your case, and can lead to a much more favourable outcome at Court.

Visit our dedicated guilty plea and mitigation service page to find out more about how our expert motoring lawyers can help you.

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