Six strange motoring offences that you probably didn’t know existed:

Muddy road uk

Mud Etc

If, as a result of your driving, you leave mud or indeed anything else without lawful authority on the highway and cause injury or danger to another person then you would commit an offence and face a fine of up to £1000.

Playing football in the highway

If you play football (or any other game for that matter) on a highway and it annoys another road user, then you would commit an offence and face a fine of £500.

Negligent opening of car doors

If you injure or endanger anyone by the simple act of opening your car door, then you again commit an offence and face a fine of £1000.

Fire/ firearms and fireworks

Injuring, interrupting or endangering the user of a highway as a result of lighting a fire, firing a gun or setting off a firework is an offence for which you would face a fine of up to £1000

Warming it up

If you leave your vehicle with the engine running to let the car ‘warm up’ you would commit an offence which could land you with a fixed penalty of £100.


Beware scaffolders and brickies alike! You must seek the permission of the local authority before providing a skip. You must also ensure that the skip owner complies with the relevant conditions. Such conditions include displaying the name. address and phone number of the skip owner and ensuring the skip is adequately lit at night. Failure to comply with these conditions can result in a fine of £1000. The police can remove the skip if you fail to comply.