Driving offence case involving blood sample analysis dropped by CPS

Many motoring offences such as drug driving, driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs, and even some drink driving cases involve the analysis of a blood sample as part of the Prosecution’s case.

The number of individuals involved in dealing with a blood sample is larger than you might expect. This means there is lots of room for mistakes to be made which could result in the blood sample being unreliable. For example, did the nurse take the blood sample correctly? Was the blood shaken for the required period of time to prevent coagulation? Did the Police officers store the blood sample correctly, and at the required temperature? Was the forensic laboratory authorised to conduct the analysis of the blood sample? Was the correct method of analysis used? Was the analysis reliable?

As experts in the field of drink and drug driving where the analysis of a blood sample is involved, we are able to spot where mistakes are made and procedures breached, both of which can result in your acquittal.

Client review of Ashworth Motoring Law:

In this case, our specialist knowledge of the latest developments in blood sample analysis was key to securing our client’s rightful acquittal, avoiding an otherwise unjustified criminal record and lengthy disqualification from driving.

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We provide free initial advice to drivers accused of committing all motoring offences including drink and drug driving, particularly where the analysis of a blood sample is involved.  Many drivers mistakenly believe that their case cannot be defended. It is genuinely one of the most rewarding aspects of our job to be able to examine a case, identify defences and build a strong case to take to trial and win.

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