DVLA extends driving licence renewals

It has long been the case that your full photocard driving licence needs to be renewed every 10 years. However, due to recent uncertainty caused by Covid19, the DVLA has extended driving licence renewals until November 2021. If your photocard driving licence is due to expire before the end of 2020, you will now be granted an 11-month extension.

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The extension is automatic, so no application is necessary. However the extension only applies to full licence holders. If you are a provisional licence holder, then unfortunately, the expiry date remains the same.

DVLA: Being able to drive is a “lifeline”

Noting that a seven month extension on photocard renewal had already been made earlier in the year, Julie Lenard, DVLA chief executive said :

“Being able to drive is a lifeline for millions of people and this further extension will ensure that in these continued uncertain times, drivers don’t need to worry about the admin or the associated forms with renewing their licences. “

Julie Lenard, DVLA chief executive

Ordinarily, a failure to renew your driving licence would result in a fine of up to £1000. It could even invalidate your car insurance if you are involved in an accident since you could be deemed to be driving without a valid driving licence. Failure to update the licence for over two years could even result in the need to retake your driving test.

DVLA driving licence

Licence renewals: How to renew your driving licence

You can renew your driving licence at the post office, via the post or online up to 2 months before it expires, and you must always ensure to update your current address; not only on your vehicle registration document (V5C) but also with the DVLA.

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Elderly drivers and the law

At Ashworth Motoring Law Ltd, we support elderly drivers and want to ensure their safe continued use of the roads.

Elderly drivers have the benefit of many years of driving experience and have spent a lifetime honing their skills on the road.That being said, it’s no secret that as we get older, our bodies become more susceptible to medical conditions that could impact on our ability to safely navigate the roads.

We’ve put together some information to remind elderly drivers of their legal obligations to ensure that they remain safe and legal on our roads:

The law on elderly drivers:

  • You must renew your driving licence once you reach 70 years old.
  • Once renewed at age 70, your driving licence must be renewed every 3 years thereafter.
  • Legally, it is your own responsibility to ensure that you are fit to drive.
  • You must report any notifable medical condition to the DVLA. The DVLA could tell you that you are free to continue driving based on the information that you have provided or they could invite you to attend a medical, or driving assessment. In some instances, and in the interests of your safety, they could decide that you are no longer fit enough to drive. A list of all notifiable conditions can be found at gov.uk/health-conditions-and-driving.
  • Failure to report a notifiable condition could result in you being prosecuted, receiving a fine of up to £1000.00 and would likely invalidate your policy of insurance.
  • All motorists must be able to read a number plate from 20 meters away. Police can require you to take an on-the-spot eye test if they are concerned about your vision. If you fail an on-the-spot eyesight test, the police can make an immediate request for to the DVLA to revoke your licence.

For further information and assistance:

There is now a dedicated website which is aimed at keeping elderly drivers safe on the roads; www.olderdrivers.org.uk. The site has lots of useful features which can help you to assess for yourself whether your driving meets the legal standards, whether you require additional training or adjustments, or whether it’s time to hang up the car keys for good.

Article written by Expert Motoring Lawyer, Alison Ashworth; Managing Director of Ashworth Motoring Law.

Alison Ashworth; Expert motoring lawyer and Director of www.ashworthmotoringlaw.co.uk

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