Learner drivers face long wait to take practical test

Learner drivers are having to wait up to 3 months to take their practical test. Usually, a learner driver could expect to wait up to  6 weeks to take their test. However a significant lack of driving test examiners has led to a backlog, pushing the average waiting time to 8 weeks for completion of a driving test, with some learner drivers reporting delays of up to 3 months!

Although the DVSA has pledged to recruit more driving test assessors, this is little comfort to the thousands of learner drivers who are already having to wait longer to complete their test, and  who are incurring additional costs whilst paying for extra lessons to keep their driving skills up to scratch.

Article written by Expert Motoring Law Solicitor and Managing Director at Ashworth Motoring Law, Alison Ashworth.

Ashworth Motoring Law are specialists in representing new drivers and avoiding licence revocation by the DVLA under the New Driver Act. Please visit the New Driver Section of our website or call our free motoring law helpline on 0330 33 22 770 for further info.


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