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Another new driver avoids licence revocation and keeps driving licence thanks to Ashworth Motoring Law

Licence saved!

If a motorist accumulates 6 penalty points within the first two years of driving, then their driving licence will be revoked by the DVLA under the New Driver Act. The motorist would then have to re-apply for their provisional driving licence and take both parts of their driving test, the theory and practical tests again. With the current delays that many learner drivers are experiencing just to be given a test date, this could spell up to three months off the road. The only way to prevent this from happening is to request a short-term ban in Court as punishment for the offence itself rather than penalty points.

Our latest new driver client was facing this same problem. He was charged with two separate offences and was going to accrue more than 6 penalty points on his driving licence. Having to re-take his practical and theory tests again would have had significant ramifications, including preventing him from being able to take up a crucial career opportunity.

That’s where we came in; we took very detailed evidence from him and began to build our case. Once we could see the basis for a strong argument in Court, we advised our client on the best evidence to support our case.

When the morning of Court came, we had built a strong case and were ready to fight our client’s corner.

A preliminary discussion with the Prosecutor led to one of the charges against our client being dropped due to the defence evidence that had been gained in connection with the charge. This left only one matter for the Court to determine. Following a guilty plea, we made out our client’s case, and emphasised the disastrous consequences that the revocation of his driving licence would have.

We requested a short term disqualification as punishment for the offence itself.

After retiring to consider their verdict, the Magistrates returned to grant our request of a short-term disqualification from driving of just 14 days, and a fine of only £250 – avoiding the maximum fine of £5000.00. Our client was delighted with the result.

When asked what he liked the best about our business, he said:

“You explained everything very well, told me what I needed to do for Court, and supported me through it”.

He made the following comments about his case:

“It was a motoring accident. You negotiated with the Prosecutor and one charge was withdrawn. You made submissions for the other allegation, disqualified for just 14 days. Fined under £250. Without Alison’s help I would have struggled in Court”.

Many new drivers faced with the same situation could have simply given up, and might not have known about the strategies that we use to keep new drivers on the road. This client from Lancashire  is certainly very glad he called us.

If you have been charged with a motoring offence, no matter how big or small we can help you. From drink and drug driving to speeding and totting up, our specialist motoring law solicitors are experts in identifying defences to secure acquittals where possible, and build strong cases in mitigation to secure a desired outcome where necessary. Don’t let a motoring offence way heavy on your mind, call our motoring law helpline on 0330 33 22 770 to speak to an expert motoring lawyer any time, day or night.  Lines are open for free legal advice round the clock so get in touch whenever’s best for you.

New driver keeps driving licence and avoids 6 penalty points

Half of UK drivers would fail their driving test if they were to take it again today, reveals an online quiz.

An online quiz by Halfords has revealed that over half of British drivers would fail their driving test if they had to take it again today.

The quiz is made up of ten simple questions that all drivers should know without hesitation. Yet surprisingly, most drivers are getting the answers wrong!

The question which seems to be causing the greatest confusion so far is: “What is the blood alcohol (drink drive) limit for drivers in England in Wales?”. A shocking 69% of the people who have responded so far did not know what the drink drive limit was.

Here is a flavour of some of the other multiple choice questions:

  • You’re driving along a dual carriageway in a car; the speed limit is not stated but there are street lights lining the road. What is the speed limit?
  • When checking the engine oil level, at what temperature should your engine be? And
  • When on the motorway, which lane should you use for driving when the road ahead is clear?

To put your driving knowledge and maintenance skills to the test and find out whether you’re roadworthy, take the quiz by clicking here.

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Free legal advice for drink driving and drug driving offences involving blood and urine from Ashworth Motoring Law

Learner drivers face long wait to take practical test

Learner drivers are having to wait up to 3 months to take their practical test. Usually, a learner driver could expect to wait up to  6 weeks to take their test. However a significant lack of driving test examiners has led to a backlog, pushing the average waiting time to 8 weeks for completion of a driving test, with some learner drivers reporting delays of up to 3 months!

Although the DVSA has pledged to recruit more driving test assessors, this is little comfort to the thousands of learner drivers who are already having to wait longer to complete their test, and  who are incurring additional costs whilst paying for extra lessons to keep their driving skills up to scratch.

Article written by Expert Motoring Law Solicitor and Managing Director at Ashworth Motoring Law, Alison Ashworth.

Ashworth Motoring Law are specialists in representing new drivers and avoiding licence revocation by the DVLA under the New Driver Act. Please visit the New Driver Section of our website or call our free motoring law helpline on 0330 33 22 770 for further info.