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The August bank holiday is almost upon us. Whilst we hope that you have a nice, relaxing weekend, our specialist motoring law solicitors will be on call day and night, including bank holiday Monday should you need our assistance. If, over the August bank holiday weekend you need a....... Drink Driving Solicitor Drug Driving Solicitor … Continue reading Motoring Lawyers open over the bank holiday weekend

Another new driver avoids licence revocation and keeps driving licence thanks to Ashworth Motoring Law

A preliminary discussion with the Prosecutor led to one of the charges against our client being dropped due to the defence evidence that had been gained in connection with the charge. This left only one matter for the Court to determine. Following a guilty plea, we made out our client’s case, and emphasised the disastrous consequences that the revocation of his driving licence would have. We requested a short term disqualification as punishment for the offence itself. After retiring to consider their verdict, the Magistrates returned to grant our request of a short-term disqualification from driving of just 14 days, and a fine of only £250 – avoiding the maximum fine of £5000.00. Our client was delighted with the result. When asked what he liked the best about our business, he said:

Half of UK drivers would fail their driving test if they were to take it again today, reveals an online quiz.

Take the online quiz to find out whether you are one of the many who would fail their driving test if you took it today.

Learner drivers face long wait to take practical test

Learner drivers are having to wait up to 3 months to take their practical test. Usually, a learner driver could expect to wait up to 6 weeks to take their test. However a significant lack of driving test examiners has led to a backlog, pushing the average waiting time to 8 weeks for completion of a driving test, with some learner drivers reporting delays of up to 3 months!