How to cut the cost of your vehicle insurance

Last month, our Managing Director, Alison Ashworth went into the BBC Lancashire Studio to discuss the price of vehicle insurance live on air with presenter, Graham Liver.

This comes as it was announced that the North West has the highest cost of car insurance in mainland Britain according to the AA’s National Index.

A number of factors could be to blame for the increased cost.

As outlined on air, one of the reasons is the high proportion of so called cash for crash schemes operating in the North West area, with Bolton and Oldham identified as the worst hit areas of the UK.

What is cash for crash?

Cash for crash is the term given to an accident which is deliberately caused for the purpose of financial gain. These schemes include instances where the fraudster would drive a vehicle and slam on the breaks, giving the innocent motorist behind little to no chance of avoiding the inevitable crash. The fraudster would then go on to claim for personal injury, vehicle damage, loss of earnings, a hire car etc. The list goes on.

It is thought that one in seven personal injury claims are associated with a cash for crash scheme.

Statistically, these schemes cost the insurance industry over £400 million per year, with an additional £50 being added on to the cost of every motor insurance policy every year.

How can we bring down the cost of our vehicle insurance?


Install a device to monitor your driving

Many insurers now recognise the benefits of installing a blackbox type device or camera to monitor your driving and provide evidence in liability disputes.

Companies such as K-safe and Joovuu offer such devices and have revolutionised the way that fault is attributed in accidents.

Bikers – K-safe

“K-Safe have developed MiBB, a wearable sensor that provides automatic monitoring and analysis of incidents. MiBB covers a wide range of industries and activities including but not limited to motorcyclists, cyclists, snowboarders and skiers. Our sensor is able to integrate with existing claims management solutions, provide quicker medical assistance (reducing complexity/severity of injuries and therefore cost per claim) and provide end-users with lower insurance premiums through selected insurance partners.” Aaron Lloyd; Chief Operating Officer of K-safe.

Cars – JooVuu X

“The JooVuu X is a camera that captures the truth every time you drive.  With its discreet design but powerful hardware, the JooVuu X can be mounted anywhere within your car and capture everything in crystal clear quality, day or night.  The JooVuu X is the perfect dash camera to help you fight against fraudulent car insurance claims and bad drivers.  It is the best eye-witness money can buy.” Daniel Jaenicke; Chief Executive of JooVuu X.

Shop around

Never accept the renewal offer from your insurer without first obtaining quotes from competitors to see whether you could be getting a better deal.

Pay upfront

Paying your insurance annually can net you on average savings over £60. It also reduces the risks of you being charged with an offence such as driving without insurance by lessening the chance of you missing a monthly payment.

Increase your excess

Increasing the amount that you’d be willing to pay out when making a claim can significantly decrease the overall cost of your vehicle insurance quote. Work out what you can afford and adjust your policy accordingly.

Decrease your added extras

Most insurance policies include a range of optional extras such as windscreen, breakdown and legal cover. Restricting the number of added extras on your policy can really help to bring the cost of the policy down.

Build up a lengthy period of no claims bonus

In short, the longer the period of no claims bonus, the cheaper the policy will be. No reasonable driver ever really wants to be involved in an accident. Staying alert at all times and driving cautiously will reduce your risk of having an accident and will reduce the cost of your annual premium.

Keep a clean licence

It’s no secret that penalty points mean an increase in insurance premiums. Take the time to read about some of the more common motoring offences on this site and stick to the law. If you’ve been caught out and are offered the opportunity to avoid the points by attending a course then take it. You will thank yourself when it comes time for your renewal.

Take care over your job description

There are strange but significant discrepancies when it comes to the quotes associated with certain professions.

For example, describing yourself as a Chef could cost you £98 more than being “kitchen staff”, and classing yourself as “full time parent” or “retired” rather than “unemployed” could save you almost £300.

If your job could fit into more than one of the descriptions offered by the insurance provider, run checks for each applicable job type.

Article written by Specialist Motoring Lawyer, Alison Ashworth; Managing Director of Ashworth Motoring Law.

Why we do what we do

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