Warning of car park payment scam

A new scam is on the rise which could result in the loss of data and also your hard-earned money- it's called the car park payment scam. What is the car park payment scam? This latest scam involves fraudsters targeting car park payment machines by placing a fake QR code disguised as a “quick pay … Continue reading Warning of car park payment scam

Covid19 lockdown Update

Covid discount for NHS staff

As another National Covid19 Lockdown looms, no doubt our current and future clients will be concerned about the impact this may have on their case. Rest assured that our Expert Motoring Law Solicitors, Barristers and Support Staff continue to give their all to deliver you the best results during Local and National Lockdowns. We are … Continue reading Covid19 lockdown Update

How to cut the cost of your vehicle insurance

Last month, our Managing Director, Alison Ashworth went into the BBC Lancashire Studio to discuss the price of vehicle insurance live on air with presenter, Graham Liver. This comes as it was announced that the North West has the highest cost of car insurance in mainland Britain according to the AA’s National Index. A number … Continue reading How to cut the cost of your vehicle insurance

Tyre Safety – Basic Checks

October is National Tyre Safety month and as specialists in Motoring Law, we want to raise awareness of the vitally important checks that should be performed on a vehicle’s tyres to ensure they’re safe and legal.

Basic Tyre checks:

Tyre tread - The legal tread depth is 1.6mm. This can be checked by inserting a 20p into the tyre’s tread groove. If you can see the rim of the coin at any point around the circumference, then the tyre may be illegal.
Tyre pressure – The recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle can be found on the inside of your car door, petrol cap or owner’s manual. Tyres can be inflated to the correct pressure at most petrol stations.
Tyre condition – You should regularly check for any lumps, bumps or cuts in the tyre. If you are unsure about the condition of your tyre you should seek advice from your local tyre specialist.
Being caught with defective tyres would result in a £2500 fine and three penalty points per tyre.

Driving on defective tyres also significantly increases your risk of being involved in an accident.

Many local retailers are offering free tyre health check throughout the month of October. To find your local dealer

Watch Ashworth Motoring Law’s Alison Ashworth on BBC Inside Out

Motoring Lawyer Alison Ashworth being interviewed on TV

Our Managing Director and Expert Drug Driving Lawyer, Alison Ashworth featured on last night’s Inside Out Programme discussing the very low limits that were set by the 2015 Drug Driving (Specified Limit) Offence.

Click the following link to view the programme:

Alison is featured in a number of clips from 22.40 onwards and stresses the small amounts of drugs in a person’s system that can be used to charge a driver with an offence. She also highlights a fundamental flaw in the legislation; namely the Prosecution’s inability to rely on a urine sample to secure a conviction

Managing Director Alison Ashworth to appear on BBC’s Inside Out programme

Drug Driving Expert and Managing Director of Ashworth Motoring Law, Alison Ashworth is to be filmed for BBC’s Inside Out Programme tomorrow, 01 September 2016. Alison Ashworth has spoken out many times in the media to discuss the ‘new’ drug driving offence, appearing on ITV News, BBC 5 Live and in the Guardian and is … Continue reading Managing Director Alison Ashworth to appear on BBC’s Inside Out programme

What sentence can a drug driver expect?

Firstly, there are two drug driving offences: Section 4 Road Traffic Act 1998  Driving whilst under the influence of drugs. Section 5a Road Traffic Act 1988 – Driving with a proportion of a controlled drug over the specified limit. Sentence for people who are found guilty of driving whilst under the influence of drugs: Someone … Continue reading What sentence can a drug driver expect?

Managing Director, Alison Ashworth nominated for prestigious local award

We are proud to announce that our Managing Director has been nominated for a Rossendale Business Award! Rossendale born and bred Alison Ashworth has been nominated for the Enterprising Woman Award which recognises valley business leaders for their strength, independence and confidence in leading businesses to success and who are an inspiration to other women. … Continue reading Managing Director, Alison Ashworth nominated for prestigious local award

Motoring Lawyers open over the bank holiday weekend

Contact an expert motoring lawyer for free motoring law advice

The August bank holiday is almost upon us. Whilst we hope that you have a nice, relaxing weekend, our specialist motoring law solicitors will be on call day and night, including bank holiday Monday should you need our assistance. If, over the August bank holiday weekend you need a....... Drink Driving Solicitor Drug Driving Solicitor … Continue reading Motoring Lawyers open over the bank holiday weekend