Not Guilty! Another driver acquitted of drug driving!

We are thrilled to release our latest client testimonial from a driver who was acquitted of drug driving earlier this month.

Drug Driving – Not Guilty/Acquitted


“Back in May I was arrested for supposedly drug driving. I knew straight away that this needed defending and a search for solicitors began. I came across Alison and her success rate was second to none, it would have been stupid not to instruct her as my solicitor. That first phone call was so daunting but straight away she put me at ease and when I told her the circumstances around my arrest, she was 100% in my corner and suggested that a number of errors and mistakes would have been made to do with my arrest alone. Moving on a few months and a couple of court dates (unfortunately the incompetence of the CPS meant that the courts honoured a couple of adjournments) we finally got the result that we were waiting for. The representation that Alison provides in court is only the best. From the barrister to the support from AML employees, you really do feel looked after. It’s that personable touch that got me through this ordeal, knowing that you were believed in right the way through when at times it felt like it would be easier throwing the towel in. Alison and her team were always confident that the case was a strong one, even when I began doubting it myself. They really do lift you up and take you through the process side by side. I was acquitted of all charges and found not guilty and it’s all because Alison is such a great solicitor. Her knowledge in this field really is second to none, I would have no issues in recommending Alison to anyone who may need her help. Straight away you will feel like a weight has been lifted. That’s what she did for me, took that burden off me and told me it’ll be alright. And it is… I will forever be thankful to Alison and her team, they have no idea”

When asked what they liked most about our services, our client wrote:

“Both Alison & Colette are so personable, friendly and approachable it’s hard not to completely trust them. They work so hard and are so knowledgeable in their field, you really do get the great result that you hope for. No question is a silly one and no panicked email or phone call is an inconvenience. There is no judgement and you instantly feel reassured.”

Anonymous motorist who was acquitted of drug driving from Chester


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