Driving offence case involving blood sample analysis dropped by CPS

Many motoring offences such as drug driving, driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs, and even some drink driving cases involve the analysis of a blood sample as part of the Prosecution’s case. The number of individuals involved in dealing with a blood sample is larger than you might expect. This means there is lots … Continue reading Driving offence case involving blood sample analysis dropped by CPS

Totting up case won despite 27 points

Totting up too many penalty points is the nightmare scenario that most drivers dread. Being caught by one too many speed cameras within a three-year period will result in you having to appear before the Magistrates Court facing a six-month disqualification from driving under the totting up regime.   That’s what happened to Mr Davies … Continue reading Totting up case won despite 27 points

Ban avoided following Failure to Furnish information allegation

Client review after avoiding a driving ban for failure to furnish information

Kate avoided a driving ban after our specialist failure to furnish information solicitors took her case to Court

Drug Driving – Acquitted!

This year has marked outstanding success in our defence of all motoring offences, with particular success in defending drug driving offences. One of our recent clients has kindly provided the following client testimonial to let other drivers know about the quality of the service he received. When asked what he liked most about our business, … Continue reading Drug Driving – Acquitted!

Exceptional hardship – another 6-month ban avoided

How another of our speeding clients avoided a totting up ban through use of exceptional hardship after reaching twelve points on her driving licence

Speeding offence – long ban avoided

In a recent case, our client from South West London avoided a six months totting up ban, despite pleading guilty to a speeding offence which should have put him over the totting up threshold thanks to the specialist advice and case strategy deployed by Ashworth Motoring Law. Our client explains: “With six points already, my … Continue reading Speeding offence – long ban avoided

Not Guilty – another drug driving acquittal

Being accused of drug driving is one of the most frightening and stressful things that can happen to any motorist. A conviction could mean a driving ban, criminal conviction, loss of a career, loss of independence, the list goes on. Thankfully, with our expert motoring law solicitors on hand, the nightmare of false charges being brought can be overcome by dedicated and focused legal work to secure the rightful result - a not guilty verdict. Our recent client from Northamptonshire talks about his recent experience:

Not Guilty! Another driver acquitted of drug driving!

Motorist acquitted of drug driving tells of his experience as a client of Ashworth Motoring Law following his not guilty verdict.

Another client found NOT GUILTY of Drug Driving

Drug Driving - Not Guilty! Here's our latest testimonial from a driver who was found not guilty of drug driving after we identified several defences in his case.

Another glowing review of our services!

Multiple driving offences where custody was a likely outcome - here's what our client had to say about the way our specialist motoring lawyers handled the case