Ban avoided following Failure to Furnish information allegation

Client review after avoiding a driving ban for failure to furnish information

With an automatic penalty of 6 points, a charge of failing to furnish information (failure to identify the driver following a requirement to do so) could have a drastic impact on your ability to drive. For example, the additional points could put you over the 12-point totting up threshold, leading to a 6 months disqualification from driving.

Thankfully here at Ashworth Motoring Law, we know the most advanced and specialised strategies of dealing with failure to furnish allegations. Such strategies can include mounting specialist defences to the allegation and advancing specific arguments to prevent a driving disqualification.

In Kate’s case, our specialised knowledge of driving laws, combined with the perfect strategy resulted in her avoiding a driving ban which would have otherwise had unimaginable consequences on her life.

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