Totting up case won despite 27 points

Totting up too many penalty points is the nightmare scenario that most drivers dread. Being caught by one too many speed cameras within a three-year period will result in you having to appear before the Magistrates Court facing a six-month disqualification from driving under the totting up regime.  

That’s what happened to Mr Davies when he was caught 9 times by average speed cameras within a matter of weeks.

Fortunately, Mr Davies contacted us, and we were able to build a strong case for exceptional hardship. When the case got to Court, we explained the devastating consequences that would follow if he were to serve the usual six-month totting up ban. Following consideration of the carefully crafted arguments put forward in Court, the Magistrates accepted our submissions and decided not to ban Mr Davies, despite him having 27 penalty points on his driving licence.

Here’s what our client had to say in his kind review of our services:

Having the right representation to deal with your totting up case can be crucial in determining whether your exceptional hardship argument is successful in Court.

At Ashworth Motoring Law, we deal with cases where drivers have totted up too many penalty points every single day. We are specialists in building exceptional hardship arguments and avoiding driving bans. We know which arguments work and which don’t. We know how to build and support the case with evidence, and how to present it in the most effective way in Court.

When your driving licence is on the line, you can’t afford to take any chances. Contact Ashworth Motoring Law on 0330 33 22 770 and speak to one of our specialist totting up solicitors for free initial advice. We love to hear from you and take pride in knowing that our advice and representation could be key in avoiding a driving ban and keeping you on the road.