Warning of car park payment scam

A new scam is on the rise which could result in the loss of data and also your hard-earned money- it’s called the car park payment scam.

What is the car park payment scam?

This latest scam involves fraudsters targeting car park payment machines by placing a fake QR code disguised as a “quick pay option” on or nearby an authentic payment machine. The unsuspecting driver then scans the code and enters their personal information and payment details, which are received by the fraudsters rather than the approved parking service provider.    

When checking their accounts later, victims of the scam find that money has been taken from their account, and their personal details have been compromised.

A similar scam cost one lady from Flintshire, Wales £230 earlier this year.

What can you do to avoid falling victim to this scam?

Of course, the easiest way to avoid falling victim to the car park payment scam is to pay cash where possible. Where it is not possible to pay cash, you should always ensure that you are certain that the company you are paying to is legitimate.

Katherine Hart of Trading Standards has issued the following advice: “This type of scam often targets the younger generation who are more likely to use their smartphones for payments”… “if in doubt, use the telephone number that should be displayed in a prominent place”.

You should always check your bank account for any suspicious activity and report any payments you don’t recognise. It’s also worth alerting trading standards and spreading the word amongst other drivers to raise awareness of car park payment scams operating in your area.


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