Watch Ashworth Motoring Law’s Alison Ashworth on BBC Inside Out

Motoring Lawyer Alison Ashworth being interviewed on TV

Our Managing Director and Expert Drug Driving Lawyer, Alison Ashworth featured on last night’s Inside Out Programme discussing the very low limits that were set by the 2015 Drug Driving (Specified Limit) Offence. Click the following link to view the programme: Alison is featured in a number of clips from 22.40 onwards and stresses the small amounts of drugs in a person’s system that can be used to charge a driver with an offence. She also highlights a fundamental flaw in the legislation; namely the Prosecution’s inability to rely on a urine sample to secure a conviction

What is the cocaine drug driving limit?

It is an offence to drive with cocaine or its metabolite; benzoylecgonine in your system at a level which is above the specified limit, regardless of whether your manner of driving is affected. How Cocaine affects driving: Taking cocaine can make a person feel more alert, and produce an increase in focus and attention. You’d … Continue reading What is the cocaine drug driving limit?