What is the punishment for drug driving?

Punishment for drug driving

Drug driving is a serious offence which attracts severe punishment by the Courts. The consequences of a conviction are wide ranging and can last long after your case has been dealt with by the Court. Therefore its vital to engage the highest possible quality of legal representation to fight your corner and argue your case … Continue reading What is the punishment for drug driving?

Latest testimonial from client accused of drug driving

We are delighted to publish our latest testimonial from one of our clients who was accused of drug driving:

"I am a mechanic and unknowingly after smoking cannabis was stopped 15hrs later by police and was blood tested and my THC levels were double the limit, and was charged with driving under the influence of drugs. I was devastated and needed help, I did a search and Ashworth motoring law came up. I emailed them and they got back to me right away. They took on my case and dealt with it very professionally and made this upsetting time so much better. They took all the relief and explained everything in detail and would 100% recommend them. Read on for more!

Watch Ashworth Motoring Law’s Alison Ashworth on BBC Inside Out

Motoring Lawyer Alison Ashworth being interviewed on TV

Our Managing Director and Expert Drug Driving Lawyer, Alison Ashworth featured on last night’s Inside Out Programme discussing the very low limits that were set by the 2015 Drug Driving (Specified Limit) Offence.

Click the following link to view the programme:

Alison is featured in a number of clips from 22.40 onwards and stresses the small amounts of drugs in a person’s system that can be used to charge a driver with an offence. She also highlights a fundamental flaw in the legislation; namely the Prosecution’s inability to rely on a urine sample to secure a conviction

What sentence can a drug driver expect?

Firstly, there are two drug driving offences: Section 4 Road Traffic Act 1998  Driving whilst under the influence of drugs. Section 5a Road Traffic Act 1988 – Driving with a proportion of a controlled drug over the specified limit. Sentence for people who are found guilty of driving whilst under the influence of drugs: Someone … Continue reading What sentence can a drug driver expect?